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Private Investigators Miami Beach South Beach

All investigations, regardless of type or purpose, depend on the gathering of factual information. Gathering factual information is the main purpose of any investigation, without which no case would be solved, no stolen property recovered, and no missing person located. Factual information in a concise written report is the product that we sell to our client.

Today’s private investigators in Miami Beach South Beach must learn to think of himself as a highly sophisticated camera with the lens always open, recording and observing everything. Regardless of the case, the private investigators want answers to the questions who, what, when, where, how, and why. The private investigators are often the last hope for many people.

Three methods that private investigators use to obtain information in Miami Beach South Beach are:

  1. Researching public records

  2. Interviewing individuals with relevant information

  3. Surveillance of individuals to learn about their behavior. Investigators must use one, two, or all three of these methods in order to obtain the information needed by the client. To excel as a private investigator, one must know how to do all three very well.


Private Investigators Miami Beach South Beach

Private investigators are professional researchers who use observation, inquiry, examination, and experimentation to obtain evidence and factual information upon which sound decisions can be made. In order to achieve success as investigators, certain basic guidelines must be observed.

Ask many questions when seeking information. Often, this means repeating questions in order to uncover discrepancies and following up on initial questions with more detailed ones. You can never gather too much information. It is easy to eliminate nonessential information later on.

Recognize that suspects, criminals, and other subjects of the investigation come from all walks of life and are represented by all races, both sexes, and an endless variety of lifestyles.

When as private investigators you are investigating the crime scene, do not commit yourself to the guilt or innocence of anyone at the scene whom you may question. Remember, your purpose is to gather facts; judgments will come later.

Do not be overconfident. Be certain that you have gathered all the information. Before you conclude the investigation, ask yourself, “Is there more information I should attempt to obtain? Have I overlooked anything that could make a difference in the outcome of the investigation?”

Do not jump to conclusions

Never take things for granted, make no assumptions about how much information is needed before you begin searching. False assumptions often lead to the loss of valuable information and evidence.

Work with evidence you find at the scene. Examine all evidence carefully; pieces of paper, documents, tools, fragments of cloth, or personal items belonging to a possible suspect or other person involved in the incident that you are investigating, any physical evidence can provide an important investigative lead.

Develop informants and sources of information before you need them. No private investigators can get along without sources because they can provide shortcuts to many investigative problems.


The following attributes are the special qualities that will help you achieve success as private investigators:


Private Investigators Miami Beach South Beach

Private Investigators must be cautious of obvious things and wary of persons who are quick to provide alibis and identification. Demand verification whenever possible.


Private Investigators must develop curiosity and follow up on it. Have the desire to learn the truth. An inquisitive mind is essential to the private investigators.


For the private investigators, five senses are important tools of the trade. It may be important for you to remember unusual things about an individual (i.e., his manner and posture or the way he dresses). Learn to observe details.


Private investigators must have the ability to recall accurately the facts and events or the physical characteristics of a suspect having this as a valuable skill.

An Unbiased and Unprejudiced Mind

Bias and prejudice will result in a poor investigation, unfairness to suspects, and clouding of facts that need to be uncovered objectively. Do not let personal likes or dislikes interfere with investigations.

Ability to Play a Role

This skill is especially important for private investigators who work alone most of the time. Using their own identity could expose the private investigators to recognition and danger. The ability to assume convincing identities is particularly valuable in surveillance, undercover activities, and a variety of confidential inquiries.

Persistence and Capacity for Hard Work

Many times, private investigators will find themselves working late into the night to follow-up a promising lead or question a particularly valuable witness.


Private investigators must be able to adapt to all types of stressful situations that may demand technical skills.

Ability to Obtain the Cooperation of Others

In the course of private investigators, they will make many contacts. Some will be clients, some will be witnesses, some will be suspects, and some will just be well-meaning citizens who can provide information. It is essential that you obtain cooperation from as many people as possible in order to secure the vital facts and information that you will need to conclude an investigation. He or she will need patience, courtesy, tact, and understanding.

A suspect or witness who has been intimidated, frightened, or angered by impatient private investigators is of no value.

Interest in Your Work and Pride of Accomplishment

True success in any profession is based on sincere interest and pride in a job well done. The knowledge that your efforts can bring a criminal to justice, locate a missing loved one, or save a business large sums of money can bring you immense satisfaction as private investigators.

 Street Sense

 As private investigators, you should have an intuitive understanding of the way the world works and how people move through it. This can be developed and refined. The more time you spend on the street and the more attention you pay to detail, the sharper your street sense will become. This can be learned and sharpened as you work in the investigative field.

Good Listening Skills

As Private investigators, you need to be good listeners in order to effectively communicate. In order to be a good interviewer, you must be able to understand the person who you are questioning. If you do not have good listening skills, you will never be an effective interviewer. Therefore, you will not be successful legal or corporate investigators.

Ability to Put People at Ease

In order to convince people to submit to interviews, private investigators need to be able to “schmooze,” this means to make people feel comfortable talking to you. This is a very necessary skill to have in order to conduct successful interviews.

Ability to Speak at the Level of the Audience

There is nothing that turns a person off quicker than someone speaking down or using language that is difficult to understand. As private investigators, you must be able to speak to anyone from a high school dropout to a professional doctor in language that is appropriate and understandable.

Understanding of Body Language

To know if a person is truthful in an interview situation, as private investigators, you must be able to read body language. As legal private investigators, you may interview a potential witness for 30 minutes. At the end of that time, you must gauge that person’s honesty and credibility as a potential witness.

Good Manners

There is no excuse for rude behavior, be polite private investigators.


As private investigators, you must have the ability to adapt to whatever situation presents itself.

Intuitive Understanding of Human Nature

People are people regardless of the circumstances you may be investigating. As private investigators, we see people, our clients, subjects, and suspects, often at times of extreme emotional distress.


You need to have belief in your ability to handle any situation, if you possess the above skills, you will be successful as private investigators and, more importantly, as a human being.

Private investigation combines the skills of both science and art. Given the proper knowledge, tools, and money to operate, few cases exist that cannot be solved if the private investigators devote the time and energy necessary to complete the assignment.

Private investigators perform the following activities:

  • Criminal investigations Miami Beach South Beach

  • Matrimonial or domestic relations investigations Miami Beach South Beach

  • Negligence investigations Miami Beach South Beach

  • Security Miami Beach South Beach

  • Expert witness Miami Beach South Beach

  • Electronic countermeasures, also called communication security sweeps (i.e., debugging) Miami Beach South Beach

  • Corporate investigation Miami Beach South Beach

  • Shopping services Miami Beach South Beach

  • Skip tracing Miami Beach South Beach

  • “Day in the life” productions Miami Beach South Beach

  • Undercover investigation Miami Beach South Beach

  • Process service Miami Beach South Beach


There are several types of investigation that will become part of your routine as private investigators.

Criminal Investigations

Private investigators work either for the victim or for the defendant or his attorney in criminal proceedings.

Serious crimes, which may lead to arrest and conviction of a subject, are the source of cases for the legal/criminal investigators. Burglary, theft, homicide, fraud, auto accidents, arson, kidnapping, and so on, are all examples of activities where violations of laws have taken place and you may be called to investigate. These cases typically fall into two categories:

  1. Felonies: serious crimes which may involve punishment by death or imprisonment in state or federal prison in excess of one year.

  2. Misdemeanors: lesser crimes usually punishable by a fine or imprisonment in a city or county jail, not to exceed one year.

Civil Investigations

This pertains to anything involving lawsuits in which questions of money or property must be settled. Violations of the law are usually not involved. Divorce, bankruptcy, personal injury and negligence cases, and lawsuits of various types are examples of civil matters that may require investigation.

Civil Actions

An attorney or client may hire private investigators to prove either one of the parties to the suit is liable. There are two terms investigators must know.

  1. The plaintiff is the party who brings a legal action; one who accuses another person of wrongdoing.

  2. The defendant is the accused; the one who must defend himself against charges brought by the plaintiff. While he may be accused of wrongdoing, he is assumed innocent until proven guilty by the plaintiff and the plaintiff's attorney.

Negligence Investigations

This type of investigation is conducted either for the plaintiff’s attorney to prove liability or for the defendant’s company or business to prove the absence of liability or absence of a permanent serious injury. This can be accomplished through the use of surveillance (often video or photo), locating and interviewing witnesses, or trying to establish that a pre-existing condition caused or was aggravated by the injury or that the defendant was at fault. A modest investigative fee often saves a client from a large monetary award.

Corporate Investigation

Private investigators may monitor what is going on in a business, investigate fraud within or outside the company, and provide diligence investigations or pre-employment screening.

General Investigations

This category includes a wide variety of investigative activities. Included here are the location of witnesses and missing persons, serving of legal process, skip-tracing, checks on employee dishonesty and fraud, security surveys, bodyguard work, surveillances, etc.

Personnel and Background Checks

This type of investigation is ordered by businesses and is undertaken in order to determine whether the character, history, financial status, credentials of an individual make him a suitable candidate for a job, a position of public trust, a large loan, credit, etc. Insurance companies investigate applicants; banks check on individuals applying for loans and also check the applicant’s credit rating.


Many private investigative firms offer a range of security services, including:

  • Security surveys to determine vulnerability and to suggest corrective measures against theft.

  • Celebrity Protection.

  • Event protection or security (i.e., concerts).


Insurance Claims/Insurance Fraud

This is the largest and most complex category a private investigator can do and includes inflated claims on vehicular accidents, phony claims by individuals and organized fraud rings, hit and run (multi-car) with phantom vehicle liability, staged accidents, phony and exaggerated personal injury claims, fraudulent income (disability claims), and paid or untruthful witnesses.

Witness Location

This involves researching public records (often the beginning of any investigation)

Interviews and Statements

This is when the private investigators conduct interviews to witness, plaintiff, and defendant, and statements and declarations are taken.

Service of Legal Process

Service of summons and complaint, service for civil subpoena for deposition, service for civil subpoena duces tecum, and service for civil subpoena for trial testimony

Malpractice Defense

Private Investigators conduct investigation for medical, dental, and legal malpractice cases.

In the Wasser Agency, professional private investigators are put to your service to conduct all kind of investigations. We are located in Miami Beach, South Beach Florida.

Miami Beach is a coastal resort city in Miami-Dade County, Florida, United States. It was incorporated on March 26, 1915. The municipality is located on a variety of natural and man-made barrier islands between the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay, the latter of which separates the Beach from Miami. The neighborhood of South Beach, comprising the southernmost 2.5 square miles (6.5 km2) of Miami Beach, along with downtown Miami and the Port of Miami, collectively form the commercial center of South Florida. As of the 2010 census, Miami Beach had a total population of 87,779. It has been one of America's pre-eminent beach resorts since the early 20th century.