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The Wasser Agency is known for the quality of our investigations, because every agency is free to decide the skills and training requirements for their private eye investigators. Though, Florida’s laws requires each licensed private eye investigator to pass the state’s own training and certifying requirements. Overall, a private eye investigator must then approve the state-mandated exams. All armed private eye investigators must complete the formation required, the latter of which allows them to carry a gun while on their private services obligations. Once again, each private eye investigator must also guarantee the education and training supplies of every agency. Florida’s laws do not currently involve any additional training, other than the earlier stated training. Though, a Florida private eye investigator who is going to be successful typically does have additional high level of education or military/police experience, etc.

“In the Wasser Agency quality it’s a tradition. Our 30 years of experience have given to our private investigators the knowledge about law and criminal defense investigation.”

The Wasser Agency acts as a private eye investigator agency on behalf of major insurance corporations, government entities, companies and private clients; We have a private eye investigator for every need you can possible have, a private eye investigator to investigate fraud, a private eye investigator for surveillance, a private eye investigator for asset tracing, a private eye investigator for get done a background checks, a private eye investigator to investigate personal injury claims, a private eye investigator for due diligence, a private eye investigator to crash investigations, a private eye investigator to conduct investigations around missing persons or infidelity and many other issues.

Our based private eye investigators bring local knowledge to all investigations, that’s why in The Wasser Agency we can said: our private eye investigators guarantee a trustworthy and discreet service to all our clients. Maybe you’re an individual requiring personal or family related investigations, a lawyer demanding information for a client, or a business looking to get advantage from honest, ethical and trustworthy private investigation and surveillance services.

Only The Wasser Agency with years of experience and knowledge our best team of professional private investigators can guarantee the responses you need. When you approach us for services, our private eye investigators understand that it is often an extremely sensitive matter so we treat every case with the maximum professionalism and ultimate discretion. Our private eye investigators can help you get the evidence and peace of mind you deserve to move on with your life preserving your dignity. You don’t have to be suspecting and wondering what if…? For any longer, contact one of our private investigators.

The Wasser Agency specializes in affordable, serious and discreet investigation services in the Florida area. Our services as private eye investigators extend the US including all capital cities.

If something is going round and round through your head? You should speak with and specialist before bringing this matter up to your private client's spouse and make sure that he/she is completely unaware of it. A private eye investigator must hold the operational capacity required, they are only allowed to watch, and then only with the agreement of the person being observed. In an emergency, you must work to brake sharply and gain speed, so the technical condition of the machine must be maintained at the level of: a private eye investigator in the procedure of observation has the right to pretend to be anyone other than a law enforcement officer, as well as the right to carry out video, audiotape and photography.


There is so much that you need to know if you want to have a successful career as a private investigator you should make your actions like second nature, because usually there is no time to think, you need to react fast to the circumstances if not you will look weird, you will be caught and discovered by your subject, failing completely the operation as a private eye investigator.

If you want to be a private investigator, you should manage two types of investigations at least just for the beginning, administrative and criminal investigations. The two are different in that an administrative investigation can be conducted by a delegated authority and is frequently employment based, in other words, an employer looking for explanation from an employee, about something that has being happening at work.

Otherwise, a criminal investigation is directed by a member of an attorney’s firm and take special attention to the possible loopholes and breaks of the criminal code and the laws that surrounded the case in question.

As a private investigator you must act and uphold strictly down the code of conduct, the law instructions and the behalf of your client, a private eye investigator also has obligations under the act with regards to documentation, breaches and notifications. Ignorance is not an excuse, so examination and study of this legislation is an obligation.



In order to dominate the private service matters, it is important to learn surveillance procedures,  learn how to react when your subject advances on foot or by vehicle, stay calm and don't think that you have been busted every time, you must be organized, courteous and respectful in order to learn the suspects habits do they drive in the slow or fast lane all the time, also do they regularly, check their side mirror these are just a few examples if it is normal behavior for your subject then you shouldn't become suspicious if they are driving in the slow lane or always check their side mirror the list goes on and only with expertise and knowledge it will all become second nature to an experienced private investigator.

Private Investigators manner surveillance for clients which are frequently corporate clients, related to company's insurance and at the end prepare a detailed report of the surveillance conducted. They discreetly get video or photographic proof and gather material of the subject of an investigation.

Surveillance is one area that any new Private Investigator has to become an expert as fast as it is possible or they won’t be in a job for a long time, the private eye investigator should invest a lot of time on it but this is one competitive area where you'd better get up to speed quickly or die in the field buddy.

Private Investigator Private Eye Investigator Florida

Private Investigator Private Eye Investigator Florida


It is very often to be contract by Corporations who are in the process of recruitment employees to fill professional charges. At the same time as they do the initial screening of the prospective employees or applicants themselves, it is when they get down to the shortlist that the employer may need the private investigator services to check the applicant’s background and police files related to them.

But if you have never done a background check before, it can be problematic but also it must seems like you are wasting your time, because you will be an untrained person. The Wasser Agency located office in Miami - Florida knows that there are many laws and regulations making some of the information hard to obtain. This is to defend each individual person’s privacy. It often requires federal or state police involvement. And that’s all for the apprentices, get more information directly from The Wasser Agency we know what we are talking about, come and join the best team of private eye investigators in Florida for all the US.

And remember…let us know how we can help you, contact: David Wasser and his team of private investigators at (305)-278-8700, write us to: [email protected] or find us in 13611 SOUTH DIXIE HIGHWAY MIAMI, FLORIDA, 33176.