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Private Investigator miami Florida: Infidelity Cases

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The Wasser Agency offers the most complete professional private investigator services from Miami, to a wide variety of clientele throughout the United States. Our team have the best investigators and the highest success record in the country, because our investigator’s philosophy is to be fully commitment and give our clients an honorable, exact, discreet and trust wordy result. So don’t let the doubts take over your life, talk to the one who knows what to do, call and investigator, get back your peace of mind and let your worries in our hands, the best investigator’s team in Florida. 

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Private Investigator Miami Florida  Infidelity Cases

We specialize in infidelity investigation and our private investigators in Miami Florida, are fully prepare to manage your case, gather all information and start the track for the solution you expect, just give as a call (305-278-8700) or find us at the 13611 South Dixie Highway Miami, Florida, 33176, in order to that our private investigator in Miami, is going to ask you about some important matters of your interest subject, such as: vehicle information, schedule, work address, physical description, recent behavior changes and friends. 

Infidielity Cases in miami florida

Once our Private investigator in Miami, gather the information and we both are countable with a private investigation plan, it’s time for you to sign an agreement for the investigator services and it will be enough to start to work, which include surveillance, placing and hidden spy cameras in some particular places that our private investigator in Miami, will let you know and also the investigator is going to be undercover to document infidelity, among other things. Then it’s just a matter of time for our private investigator in Miami, to get enough proofs to show you with a written report format and in a video format too.

Private Investigator Miami Florida Infidelity Cases

Also we guarantee you that our private investigators are committed to testify on your behalf, if you needed to. For us the most important thing is to respond the trust placed by our customers in the investigator work, so we offer our clients the full certain that this work have been made down strict parameters of confidentiality and we will make everything that’s necessary to be sure that you are well aware of the security measures you must take to preserve the quality and integrity of the product that our Miami investigator have done. 

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In 2010, David Wasser was hired to investigate the murder mystery of Paula Slawdewski - former Playboy model, who went missing on January 1, 2010. the links listed below are various articles recognizing wasser's efforts in the murder investigation.

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Investigators wonder if young model Paula Sladewski's drop-dead good looks may also have turned the head of a crazed killer during a wild night of partying at a Miami nightclub in January 2010. Check your local listings at