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A family law private investigator is decisive if your love ones are in danger

Many family law attorneys see the need for the services of a private investigator and the value provided by the evidence they uncover during their investigations.


Regularly our private investigators attend cases originated by alcohol issues, our private investigators are asked to look into important matters on family law processes, such as corroborating obedience with court orders. Our private investigators have been on cases, the court order stated that the father/mother was not to consume alcohol during the children’s visitation times. Nonetheless, the custodial father/mother has suspected that, during those visitation periods, the other parent was consuming alcohol disrespecting the court order.

This wasn’t hard to verify as private investigators were able to gather all the evidence required, when our private investigators were doing the surveillance service, the subject make a stop at a local store and buy four 12 packs of beer after picking up the small kid from his/her parents’ home, to enjoy the weekend with his/her other parent. Then, the subject was recognized drinking from what looked as the beer bottles of the same brand purchased before while sitting in the backyard as long as the kid was playing alone unsupervised on the street. This, was enough with other evidence to produce the expected result, the court ordered supervised visitation for the subject who disrespect the order before.

2. When your children’s safety is at risk

Some other time, our private investigators were asked to investigate a mother who was suspected of leaving three small boys at home by themselves while she went to parties almost three and four times a week, all of those nights the kids were alone in the house. This was the principal proof but not the only one collected by our private investigators, but the whole evidence was enough to provoke the court’s decision to ensure the safety of the children.

If you need to hire a private investigator in Layton – Florida for surveillance, domestic or marital investigations, divorce investigations, child custody, video surveillance, GPS surveillance, or civil and criminal investigations, contact a private investigator in Layton – Florida. Find us at 13611 South Dixie Highway Miami, Florida, 33176, or give us a call: 305-278-8700.

The Wasser Agency provides plenty Private Investigator Services in Layton - Florida

  • Accident Claims in Layton – Florida
  • Adoption in Layton – Florida
  • Anti-corruption in Layton – Florida
  • Asset Discovery in Layton – Florida
  • Assisting Bailiffs as Creditor Representative in Layton – Florida
  • Our private investigators work as Assisting Counsel in Layton – Florida
  • Background checks in Layton – Florida
  • Our private investigators have large experience onBankruptcy investigations in Layton – Florida
  • Blackmail in Layton – Florida
  • Business Interruption Claims in Layton – Florida
  • Civil Liability in Layton – Florida
  • Civil Proceedings (Claimant & Defendant) in Layton – Florida
  • Our private investigators gather proof for Criminal Defenses in Layton – Florida
  • Criminal Liability in Layton – Florida
  • Close Protection in Layton – Florida
  • Competitor Intelligence in Layton – Florida
  • Computer Crime in Layton – Florida
  • Copyright Infringement in Layton – Florida
  • Corporate Security in Layton – Florida
  • Counterfeiting in Layton – Florida
  • Credit Card Collections in Layton – Florida
  • Credit Vetting in Layton – Florida
  • Crime Prevention in Layton – Florida
  • Our private investigators are expert supporting Criminal Defenses in Layton – Florida
  • Criminal Appeal in Layton – Florida
  • Debt Tracing in Layton – Florida
  • Director/Staff Loyalty in Layton – Florida
  • Drug Testing/Screening in Layton – Florida
  • Due Diligence Enquiries (Personal & Corporate) in Layton – Florida
  • Electronic Surveillance in Layton – Florida
  • Electronic Surveillance Countermeasures in Layton – Florida
  • Employers Liability Claims in Layton – Florida
  • Our private investigators are Expert Witness in Layton – Florida
  • Financial Investigations/ asset located in Layton – Florida
  • Fly Tipping Surveillance Monitoring in Layton – Florida
  • Forensic Accounting in Layton – Florida
  • Forensic Science Services in Layton – Florida
  • Our private investigators have closed successfully plenty Fraud cases in Layton – Florida
  • Fraud Prevention in Layton – Florida
  • Fraudulent Claims in Layton – Florida
  • Genealogy in Layton – Florida
  • General in Layton – Florida
  • GPS/GSM Vehicle/Plant/Freight Tracking in Layton – Florida
  • Information Security in Layton – Florida
  • Internal Loss (Shrinkage) in Layton – Florida
  • Internet Profiling in Layton – Florida
  • Interviewing (Inc. multi-lingual) in Layton – Florida
  • Investigations, Enquiries and Surveys in relation to Applications for:
  • Planning
  • Liquor Licensing
  • Gaming License
  • Betting Office License
  • Life Insurance Claims in Layton – Florida
  • Locating Missing Animals in Layton – Florida
  • Locating Missing Property in Layton – Florida
  • Manned Guarding in Layton – Florida
  • Marine Claims in Layton – Florida
  • Our private investigators aboard cheating and Matrimonial investigations with seriousness and loyalty to our clients, inin Layton – Florida
  • Missing Persons Enquiries in Layton – Florida
  • Mortgage Protection Claims in Layton – Florida
  • Nanny Backgrounds & Bona Fides in Layton – Florida
  • Obtaining Statements as to Means in Layton – Florida
  • Patent Infringement in Layton – Florida
  • Plan Drawing in Layton – Florida
  • Post Adoption in Layton – Florida
  • Pre- home Purchase in Layton – Florida
  • Pre and Post Employment in Layton – Florida
  • Private Medical Claims Investigation in Layton – Florida
  • Probate Enquiries in Layton – Florida
  • Process Serving in Layton – Florida
  • Product Contamination in Layton – Florida
  • Professional Indemnity Claims in Layton – Florida
  • Property Claims in Layton – Florida
  • Public Liability Claims in Layton – Florida
  • Risk Management in Layton – Florida
  • Recovery of Abducted Minors in Layton – Florida
  • RTC Injury Claims in Layton – Florida
  • RTC Non-Injury in Layton – Florida
  • Security Surveys in Layton – Florida
  • Statement Taking in Layton – Florida
  • Surveillance, (Physical, Remote and Technical) in Layton – Florida
  • Tenancy in Layton – Florida
  • Test Purchasing in Layton – Florida
  • Theft Claims in Layton – Florida
  • Theft (non-insurance) in Layton – Florida
  • Theft of Goods in Transit in Layton – Florida
  • Tracing Beneficiaries in Layton – Florida
  • Our private investigators can trace individuals all over the country and outside it.
  • Translations in Layton – Florida
  • Travel Claims in Layton – Florida
  • Travel Insurance Claims in Layton – Florida
  • Undercover Operations in Layton – Florida
  • Vehicle Tracking & Surveillance in Layton – Florida
  • Our private investigators collaborate with witness statements in Layton – Florida
Private Investigator Layton Florida

Private Investigator Layton Florida

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