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Private Invetigator: Discover what is going on with your business

The Wasser Agency take care of the veracity and security of the information for companies in Dadeland, Fl. 

On a number of occasions our investigation services have been called on by insurance companies, particularly in relation to fraud, and it’s possible for you as for everyone else to be a victim of fraud, for example last time a client ask for help in this matter, got in contact with us asking to investigate a person suspected of working while claiming a substantial monthly amount on an insurance policy covering them for being made redundant.

Our surveillance private investigators followed the subject who was discovered to be working on a daily basis as a plasterer. He was clearly intentionally defrauding the insurance company and on the basis of our evidence all payouts were halted and further losses on this case were prevented.

In another occasion our private investigators searched through the files on the phone until they found a suspicious file disguised as a phone app. With years of experience our private investigators were able to remove the malicious software without any loss of data. It was indeed true that someone had put the software on the phone that evening when our client left the phone in his desk. Our private investigators, advised him to back all his important data and reset his phone according to the company directions to avoid any problems later with his phone.

Our client was so happy that his class project videos were intact and the phone working as it should after our private investigators located, removed and destroyed the bug in his phone. He is more vigilant where he leaves his phone and will not allow a stranger to use his cell phone like he did previously. The cost of phone forensics from our private investigators was friendly to his pocket to his amazement.

It is also possible to do that with data. Our private investigators will tell you that digital watermarking can track where it is being viewed or downloaded, and also identify the IP address and the type of device doing it. It is not in widespread use, according to experts, and could in some cases have privacy implications, but its advocates say while it doesn’t prevent a data breach, it can let an organization that has been breached know about it almost immediately, instead of months later.

So there are several ways of suffer fraud talking about information and electronic devices, and your best option is to guard the security of it, as much as you can, our private investigators, have the major experience in the field of electronics and because of our confidentiality clause, our clients are completely unconcern about the professionalism, seriousness and quality of our results.

Some of our Private Investigator Services for Business:

  • Claims investigations - staff sickness, accidents, work injury, compensation, discrimination in Dadeland area.
  • Company investigations - due diligence reviews of new customers, due diligence reviews of acquisitions and mergers, internal fraud investigations in Dadeland area.
  • Company research - competitor intelligence gathering, risk assessments in Dadeland area.
  • Computer forensics, Mobile phone forensics in Dadeland area.
  • De-bugging sweeps - technical services counter measures in Dadeland area.
  • Debtor tracing in Dadeland area.
  • Life-style checks on managers and staff in Dadeland area.
  • Mystery shopper in Dadeland area.
  • Pre-employment checks on CVs and references for managers and staff in Dadeland area.
  • Polygraph tests in Dadeland area.
  • Staff investigations - checking employee sickness claims, identifying staff theft of products, identifying staff fraud, identifying intellectual property theft in Dadeland area.
  • Status reports in Dadeland area.
  • Surveillance - covert surveillance, vehicle tracking in Dadeland area.
  • Tenant screening in Dadeland area.

The Wasser Agency specialized private investigators are available to help you 24/7, Give as a call at: 305-278-8700.