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If you need to track a person down in Florida, keep an eye on someone’s activities, or otherwise learn information, you may be thinking about hiring a Florida private investigator (PI). With so many choices out there, hiring the right Florida private investigator can seem like a daunting task. Make sure you do your research before talking to someone in Florida and be prepared with the right questions. You want someone you are comfortable talking to who can get the information you want.

Decide what you want the Florida private investigator to do. Florida private investigators can track down all kinds of people and information, but their skills will vary. Some are good at following people or digging up information, while others can track down someone or something. Before you start looking in Florida, you need to be clear about what kind of work you want the Florida private investigator to do so you can find someone with the right skills and equipment.

PIs in Florida can provide a variety of services, including background checks, tracking down child support or custody, providing electronic and video surveillance, or tracking down individuals. You can hire a Florida private investigator to help with legal proceedings, including gathering more information for use at a trial or to provide you with information that may lead to legal actions.

Look for someone in Florida. Once you know what you are looking for, start looking for names. Start with referrals, people who have used a Florida private investigator in the past. If you don’t know anyone who has hired a Florida private investigator   before, start by flipping through a phone book, or searching for Florida private investigators in your area using an internet search engine or service like Florida private investigator

Once you have some names, take a look and see if they have websites, which will allow you to learn more than just seeing a line in the phone book. Most sites will list the business’ skills and services, which should help narrow down your list of people to consider.

Florida private investigators who are good at looking for information will do much of their work in an office, using the internet and telephone to track people down. This can be a useful service, though less so if you want a Florida private investigator to follow someone for surveillance.

Make sure you also consider your location. If you want to track down someone you think is in California, hiring a Florida private investigator near you in New York will be less helpful than contacting one already in California.

Check references. Once you have found a Florida private investigator, make sure to ask him for references. These are people that you can trust who will vouch for the Florida private investigator’s skills and ability. Once you have some references, follow up and check. Hiring a Florida private investigator isn't something you should do lightly, so make sure you know the person you are talking to.

Good references to talk to include the duty agent of your local FBI office in Florida, a clerk at your county’s police department, the watch commander of the sheriff's department, Florida private investigator’s working in the District Attorney’s office, and criminal defense lawyers.

Ask for a license. Most states require that Florida private investigator is licensed by the state. Each state has different rules and requirements for a license, so the standards will vary. Still, if your state requires a license, the PIs you look at should have them.

License information is available through your state’s licensing board in Florida, so it should not be difficult to track down. Additionally, when you call the Florida private investigator, they should be able to give you the licensing number. This licensing body should also be able to provide you with information about any complaints against the Florida private investigator.

Alabama, Alaska, Idaho, Mississippi, and South Dakota do not require licensing for Florida private investigators. Colorado has a state license, but it is voluntary, so your Florida private investigator may not have one.

Check for insurance in Florida. You should check to make sure your Florida private investigator carries insurance to protect you and he should anything happen during the course of the investigation. Some states require it as part of the licensing, or for other aspects of the business such as carrying a firearm. Insurance is there for your protection, to make sure you are not liable should something happen during the PI’s work on your case.

Watch for warning signs. When you start to talk to Florida private investigators, you’ll need to make sure the Florida private investigators you talk to are people you will be comfortable working with. You will need to provide this person with sensitive information and trust that he will treat it confidentially. If you do not feel comfortable sharing this type of information with this person, you aren’t going to work well with the Florida private investigators.

In addition, you should take notice of where and how the Florida private investigator interacts with you. People you interview should have a professional office that you can visit, and will clearly spell out the fees for their services. If a potential Florida private investigator isn't giving you this information, don’t hire him.

Bring as much relevant information as possible. When you go to meet with the investigator, be sure to bring any information relevant to the case you want him to work. These will vary depending on what you want the Florida private investigator to do but can include a variety of documents, photographs, or general information.

For example, if you want the Florida private investigator to conduct surveillance on someone, make sure you are prepared to give a picture of the person, a list of his address and other significant places he goes, his typical schedule, and a picture or description of his car.

As you talk to the Florida private investigator about your case, you may have forgotten something. That is fine, as this is just a first meeting to get a sense of the case and what it might take to solve it. The Florida private investigator should be able to tell you what more he will need from you to do his job properly.

Ask about the experience in Florida. When you talk to the Florida private investigator, make sure you ask how long they have been doing the specific type of work you are asking them to do. Discuss their specialties, the length of time they have been working, and if they have been deposed or testified in court. Some states will even require that Florida private investigator has several years of experience in law enforcement as part of their licensing.

Another thing to look for is a formal education in Florida. It isn’t necessary, but a degree in a field like criminal justice, criminology, sociology, or psychology is a big benefit. Several other professional certifications like Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and Certified Protection Professional (CPP) are offered by reputable trade organizations and require good work to receive.

Be prepared to answer questions. Your first consultation will also involve the Florida private investigator asking you a few questions. He will want to clarify what you are asking him to do and learn more details about the information you have provided to make sure he can provide the best service possible. He will also need to cover himself and make sure that you aren’t asking him to do something illegal.

If you don’t know the answer to a question, say so. Lying or making something up will not help you or the Florida private investigator, and might make your situation worse. Remember, you are hiring him to find the information you don’t know, so don’t be afraid of not knowing something.




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