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Detective private Miami Beach South Beach  

The usual requirement necessary to become a detective private Miami Beach South Beach is a minimum of three years of investigative experience with either a local, state, or federal government agency. If an individual has worked full-time for another Detective private for a period of three years, they are also usually qualified.

Detective private Miami Beach South Beach

Some cities like Miami Beach South Beach give an examination and some issue licenses based upon experience only for detective private. For example, in New Jersey, five years’ experience is required, but there is no examination given. Detective Private Miami Beach South Beach. Florida requires only two years’ experience and has no examination. In New York it's three years’ experience plus an examination. California requires three years and an exam.

To become a detective private in Miami Beach South Beach, an individual must have a clean record. If they have ever been arrested it must have been for only a very minor offense. Detective Private Miami Beach South Beach. The detective private to be must be fingerprinted, bonded and in some states insured. A few states require you to be insured but not bonded.

A detective private must complete a rather lengthy application and give a considerable amount of personal information. Business references are also usually required. Detective Private Miami Beach South Beach. You are then examined by the license issuing agency if an examination is required. The whole process generally takes from three to six months before you are finally licensed.

Most cities like Miami Beach South Beach which regulate Detective privates do so very enthusiastically. We have found however, that unlicensed detective privates Miami Beach South Beach can move around at will as long as they are careful. An individual in any case can act as their own detective private without a license. Detective Private Miami Beach South Beach.

Any individual may also conduct private detective investigation as a detective investigators for an attorney or a law firm in Miami Beach South Beach  without a license... if they are a full-time employee of the law firm in Miami Beach South Beach. You may conduct a private investigation as a detective investigators in Miami Beach South Beach only on behalf of the law firm and relate only to the cases your employer is handling.

That is not to say it is legal for an individual to work for ten different law firms on various cases and not have a license. Detective Private Miami Beach South Beach. In most states this would be illegal and the individual can be prosecuted under various statutes.

If the reader is serious about becoming a detective private, we hope you can use this text as a guide to seek employment as a detective private and utilize whatever information you have obtained from my text as a stepping stone.

Detective private Miami Beach South Beach

In addition to showing you how to be your own detective private Miami Beach South Beach, you're going to learn how to save yourself a bundle of money... if and when you should have the occasion to hire a Detective private. Detective Private Miami Beach South Beach. You'll learn to do much of your own "scut" work. "Scut" work is the preliminary work a Detective private does at the beginning of a case to develop some background for an investigation as a detective investigator in Miami Beach South Beach.

On a number of occasions, we've had clients come to us with most of the basic data in hand. They saved themselves hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars during the course of the assignment.

We have taken many actual cases and used them as examples throughout the text. By following the step-by-step tactics we as detective private have used in solving those cases, you'll be able to relate them to, and solve many of your own similar cases as a detective private.

There are many character names used throughout this text. These names are fictional and any resemblance to anyone living or dead is strictly coincidental. Detective Private Miami Beach South Beach.

With phone numbers in a constant state of flux, some of the numbers listed here may become out-of-date. You should check with information to get the latest number should the one listed be disconnected.

Searching Public Records. Detective Private Miami Beach South Beach.

Much of the information you will ever want or need to know about any person or property as a detective private... can easily be obtained in your city or county Hall of Records or County Courthouse when you know where and how to look.

Information recorded in Halls of Record and County Courthouses in Miami Beach South Beach is PUBLIC INFORMATION. Its recording is paid for by your tax dollars and is recorded there for your use as well as any other member of the general public.

You will usually find the government employees in the Halls of Record or County Courthouses both friendly and helpful. Smile and act nice and they will respond in a like manner. You are not required to state why you are searching for information. Detective Private Miami Beach South Beach. In other words, when you approach one of these public servants, smile and say something like, "could you please tell me where we can find information on ........." Stop right there and wait for an answer. They don't need to know and usually don't care why you need the requested information.

You'll also learn how to obtain valuable information from certain reference texts at your local public library in Miami Beach South Beach. You'll find out how to exploit the Freedom of Information Act to get sensitive facts and information not ordinarily available to the general public.

Most of what is contained in this text requires only a telephone, note text, pen and perseverance. However, you can only get so much from public records in Miami Beach South Beach. You should also start now to develop an address text for names of contacts in utility companies, banks, credit institutions, schools and general industries.. Meeting and getting to know these people could be invaluable to you in your quest for information.

1. Registrar of Voters. Detective Private Miami Beach South Beach.

This can be one of the very best sources of information a detective private find anywhere. Every county seat has a registrar of voters who maintains an alphabetical listing of voters residing within that county. Among other purposes, these names are used as a basis for jury selection. Most states also require a current address and other valuable information you may want to know about a person.

The Registrar of Voters is also known as Board of Elections in some states. A detective private can find a person's date of birth, height, the color of eyes, employment, previous address, immigration information, and even non-published telephone number is available! Anytime you need an unlisted or unpublished telephone number for a person; this is the first place to look.

A detective private can also get valuable information about politicians at this office. They must list political contributions and other personal facts on certain election disclosure forms. Another valuable piece of information contained in the Board of Elections office is school district board member's names. Even if an individual is not registered to vote, they might still be listed on another list in the Registrar of Voters office.

How to Locate Anyone. When a client asks a detective private to find an old friend, relative, schoolmate, or a deadbeat..., we always ask them the following questions:

1. Do you have their full name?

2. Do you have their last known address?

3. Do you know their date of birth?

4. Do you know their Social Security number?

5. Does he or she drive?

6. Do you know where they work?

7. Do you know what kind of business they are in?

8. Do you have an old or current telephone number?

9. Do you know if they have a family?

10. Do you have any telephone numbers of friends or relations in another state or area code?

11. Description of the individual. You would be surprised at the number of clients who can't answer question number one. We have consulted with clients who only had a first name, but with gentle prodding came up with some of the other information which proved to be valuable.

Most people seeking another person is not looking for someone on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list in Miami Beach South Beach. They are usually looking for someone they had contact with over the years. Sometimes they want to find someone to buy a piece of property or make an offer to the person regarding a business transaction. Sometimes a person wants to locate old classmates for a reunion.

After reading the first and subsequent paragraphs of this text for detective private, you will see there is a certain format in locating people. We usually start with the Board of Elections information because it is the most readily accessible and easiest to obtain. It is also the most informative because it gives dates of birth, additional addresses, telephone numbers, employment, etc.

From this it leads to motor vehicle searches which are another extremely valuable public record in locating individuals, as well as their vehicles. From motor vehicles, we get an address either from the registration of their cars, or the person's driver’s license.

We can then search the property records in the particular county to find out if the person owns property or rents. If they rent instead of owning, we can contact the landlord and get information from them.

If your target has left that address and the landlord doesn't have a forwarding address, you can then visit the Post Office and fill out a Freedom of Information request for the change of address.

Sometimes a landlord or another individual who knows the party you are searching for, might tell you what kind of work they did. As a detective private you can then check with the union if they were a union employee, or Professional Licensing, if they are a professional. You may also check one of the lesser licensing bodies, such as Consumer Affairs. In some states, the Department of State might have a listing for an individual, especially if they own business.

In doing electronic surveillance or counter-intrusion investigation as a detective investigators, the investigator is only as good as the equipment he utilizes.

Personal and Premarital Background Investigation as a detective investigators.

There are several different types of background investigation as a detective investigators. They include backgrounds of companies, its officers and employees. Last, but not least, there is the personal background investigation as a detective investigator. That category is most popular, especially for women who do not completely trust their boyfriends.

Here are a few cases that we completed involving a girlfriend who did not believe her boyfriend was single and an investigation as a detective investigator of a single man who did not believe his girlfriend was honest with him. We also handled a case of a father who did not believe his future son-in-law was as good as he appeared to be.

One day, a very attractive woman, named Kelly Rogers entered our office and asked us to do a background on her boyfriend asking for a detective private. He was 34 years old, a New York City Police Detective, and was talking about marrying her in the near future. Detective Private Miami Beach South Beach. He claimed he had divorced his childhood sweetheart three years earlier and was very hurt by the whole thing. He wanted to make sure that his next marriage was perfect. He was very warm, considerate and good looking, but on certain holidays and weekends he could not see her. He claimed that as a detective private he frequently went undercover and was incommunicado for days.

As detective private we told Kelly that by the end of the week we would have some answers for her after she contracted detective private give us all the information. She was very concerned he would find out, so we assured her that we would be very discreet. We have a retired police sergeant employed by us. He could have easily made some inquiries, but we wanted to use public records so Kelly could make it appear she did this on her own. She could of course, have done the work on her own, just as you can after reading this text.

Employee Background Investigation as detective investigators.

A good source of business for Detective privates is the employee background investigation as a detective investigator. Since December 27, 1987, polygraphs (lie detectors) have been illegal to use in screening new employees.

Therefore, many companies now use detective privates to screen their new employees. One client showed us a resume of a job applicant which appeared to be too good to be true. He had a degree from a top college, references from prestigious companies, and his salary requirement was about $15,000.00 less than the job should pay.

As detective private in Miami Beach South Beach we were asked to do the usual check on the employee such as references, credit history, motor vehicles, and criminal. The credit search was performed under the "Fair Credit Reporting Act," whereas a person gives you permission to obtain his/her credit history.

The applicant had three credit cards, all paid on time, and one car loan for a fairly expensive automobile. He had no judgments against him, and appeared to have a clean record. The detective private said his driving record however, manifested a D.W.I. (Driving While Intoxicated), and a D.U.I. (Driving under the Influence). This indicated he had a possible drinking problem, said the detective private. The summonses had been given in a different county than indicated on his resume.

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