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When an attorney uses a private investigator in a criminal defense investigation, that private investigator will take the time to understand the charges and the laws that relate to the crime in Pinecrest - Florida. Once there's an agreement of the case in discussion, the private investigator will go over all of the materials that the defense team has received from the prosecutor. 

“In the Wasser Agency excellence it’s a matter of tradition. Our 30 years of experience have given to our private investigators the known about law and criminal defense investigation.”

“The Wasser Agency counts with the best team of private investigators, specialized on investigations about plaintiff and defense, a misconduct jury and of course criminal defense’s investigations.”

A private investigator such as the Wasser Agency serve a very important role in a criminal defense investigation in the state of Florida and all over the U.S. In most cases, the role of the private investigator if you are in Pinecrest is to find witnesses and evidence that will generate reasonable doubt. But let us explain, a reasonable doubt is any information a jury of twelve people (with equal right to vote) can understand and believe the defendant is not actually responsible for committing the crime, because a doubt has been created, and if there is not certain in the common decision, there is not guiltiness possible and that’s how a reasonable doubt is gold to reach for some jurisdictional processes.

So The Wasser Agency’s private investigators will be working to support your defense, also have present that our private investigators will then be able to testify at trial about the results of the investigation made by them. Sometimes a private investigator testimony is the only way to get certain evidence in. Ask your defense attorney if he/she knows qualified investigators in Pinecrest – Florida, and request our 100% guaranteed services. 

“The Wasser Agency counts with the best team of private investigators, specialized on investigations about plaintiff and defense, a misconduct jury and of course criminal defense’s investigations.”


1 Locate People

Sometimes it may be a witness or an heir. Perhaps our private investigator can detect a former employee who can shed light on corporate misconduct. Or maybe you need to locate a witness in possession of the proverbial “smoking gun”. Whether you would like to interview, serve, or investigate someone, our private  investigators can help you to identify and locate the individual in Pinecrest – Florida or wherever he may be located, in and out the U.S.

2 Enforce Judgments

In Pinecrest – Florida a judgment is only useful if you are able to enforce it. Our  private investigators can help attorneys to identify current assets and any efforts to hide or misrepresent them through the transfer to family members, friends or other parties, so don’t waste the opportunity of getting a better defense and having someone’s investigating and actively participating on your behalf.

3 Leverage for Negotiations

The Wasser Agency knows a private investigator can pull together key sources and intelligence to inform your side during litigation, deals, internal investigation, or any other adversarial situation that can make the difference between a favorable settlement. It is important to be well represented but as well it is important to have a private investigator by your side, who will make sure that everything possible is been doing in order to get the best result for you in a court room.

4 Locate Assets

Our Private Investigators are skilled at locating assets such as real estate, valuable property, and any kind of vehicles. The Wasser Agency specialized private investigators are able to help you 24/7, give us a call at 305-278-8700 or find us at 13611 south dixie highway Miami, florida, 33176. The Wasser Agency’s private investigators can also help attorneys to identify the location both domestic and offshore bank accounts.

5 Connect the Dots

The Wasser Agency’s private investigators can give you the right training to  actually make you feel th experience of been sitting on the other side of the table during litigation or a potential business deal, it’s better to be prepare in suchcircunstancies. You can gain a massive negotiation power by identifying who is actually behind a faceless corporation or tying together undisclosed connections. On these kind of matters it’s better to have by your side the experience of our private investigators.

6 Predict Your Opponent’s Next Move

Only the exclusive services of the Wasser Agency can put you one step forward on any investigation, you can learn your opponent’s history and patterns of conducts so as to best predict how they will respond under pressure. This will help you to be successful in lawsuit strategizing, during cross inspection, or for some  arrangement.

“If you have any questions, please call 1-888-5-WASSER or send us an e-mail. We will be more than happy to discuss your case and your needs.” 

7 Prep For Cross Examination

It’s good to know that during preparation for a deposition or courtroom testimony, a private investigator’s report detailing your witnesses’ weaknesses, background, and behavioral tendencies may be one of your most valuable advantages. This can also be useful in identifying evidence against your client, so you can be prepared for what may come up during the litigation process.

8 Trademark and Intellectual Property Monitoring

The Wasser Agency’s private Investigators can be used to effectively police a company’s products throughout the world. Counterfeiting and improper diversion of products onto the grey market are just two of the most common areas where an investigator can provide intelligence and assistance.

9 Collect and review electronic evidence

For any kind of investigation, our private investigators may be used to expertly recover electronic files – including those that a subject believes he/she has successfully erased. Private Investigators are often used to detect and examine a subject’s emails, papers, or other files. The Wasser Agency has the best binomy, high quality equipmet and specialized private investigators that will take care of this procedures with the seriousness and responsibility needed for each case.

10 Reconstruction

When a litigation procedure is going on, a historical reconstruction may be helpful in a number of different cases. Perchance the client needs to review the history of a family to locate successors. But it’s also posible to be a corporate history or a chain of title dispute in a real estate matter. Whatever the issue, a private investigator in Pinacrest can help to find and piece together long lost documents, facts and witnesses.

Some of our Services can be more than useful, necessary for your attorney support in court.

Some of our Services can be more than useful, necessary for your attorney support in court.

The Wasser Agency provides many private investigators services with the best technology and trained workforces, such as:

  • Assisting Counsel in Pinecrest – Florida.
  • Civil Liability in Pinecrest – Florida.
  • Civil Proceedings (Claimant & Defendant) in Pinecrest – Florida.
  • Criminal Defense in Pinecrest – Florida.
  • Criminal Liability in Pinecrest – Florida.
  • Competitor Intelligence in Pinecrest – Florida.
  • Computer Crime in Pinecrest – Florida.
  • Copyright Infringement in Pinecrest – Florida.
  • Crime Prevention in Pinecrest – Florida.
  • Criminal Defense in Pinecrest – Florida.
  • Criminal Appeal in Pinecrest – Florida.
  • Forensic Science Services in Pinecrest – Florida.
  • Fraud in Pinecrest – Florida.

“Find us in: 13611 SOUTH DIXIE HIGHWAYMIAMI, FLORIDA, 33176 or give us a call at: 305-278-8700 or just write to our principal investigator to the email address:”